IS International provides recruitment services to our clients for their long term and short term projects. We are also an expertise in recruiting top talents for Executive positions.



Executive Search a.k.a Head-hunting services provide flair to find top talent to fill C- Suite and Director. IS International provides this service through our team of proficient recruiters and management advisers.

We offer industry-specific expertise, conduct talent valuations, expandability diversity, and more to ensure the selection of the best candidate for the executive role or board of directors.

While we involve in the executive search, we avoid advertising in newspapers, social media, or any job portal so that confidentiality will be maintained for the clients until the selection process gets favorably completed.



We proficiently provide candidates from highly professional categories to skillful laborers within an ample time-line. To perform this, we use a wide database across different segments and follow proven methods for sourcing, screening and shortlisting the candidates.

We embrace the values like prompt client service, ethical practices and professionalism. During the recruitment process we strictly respect the confidentiality of our clients, candidates, sources, and references by bonding with our clients at every single step until it reaches a fruitful end.

Rapid response to the clients’ requirements in our top priority hence we engage staff according to the vacancy on normal and emergency basis.



We flood our clients with relevant profiles of skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled labor, but they may only see strong finalists and close the mandate within the short-span of time.

The timely handling of urgent requirements, to fulfill our clients’ need is perfected by turn-around, short term, or shutdown method.