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Welcome to I.S. International manpower consultants & service is an internationally recognized firm for overseas recruitment services which is approved by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. We are certified by ISO for quality management ISO 9001:2015.

We recruit over 1000 applicants every year across the globe. We capitalize and emphasize on quality and results rather than mere marketing and sales.


About Us

IS International is a world-class overseas recruitment firm that has been providing human resource services for the Middle East & the Far East countries more than 10 years effectively.

We are experienced in recruiting from top quality management professionals to skillful laborers better than a few.

We can understand the client’s requirements precisely and help them hire the most desirable manpower from the best eligible candidates.

Our Advantages:

  1. Persistently revalidating & far-reaching database for vast professionals across different industries.
  2. Dedicated & trained professional team to effectively handle the recruitment cycle.
  3. Extensive understanding of the client’s specific requirements by our in-house & external experts.
  4. Deep analysis of the previous interview reports retaining the non-traveled candidates and other applications for suitable openings.
  5. Pan India Associate and Trade Test Center tie-up.
  6. Tie up with Local Colleges (Alumni Associations), Local Recruitment Agencies, Industry Experts and, Freelancers to Simplify the Recruitment Process.
  7. Providing 70% -80% shortlisted candidates to the clients.
  8. Active involvement in fieldwork for making close interactions with
    • The leading employers in this field
    • Professionals who seek suitable work assignment
    • Fresher with eligible qualifications having the interest to pursue a career abroad.
    • Blue-collar with adequate knowledge in their field.
    • Finally unskilled and skillful laborers.
  9. Active social media (Quora , Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter) follow-up to create a talent network.
  10. What’s app based follow-up & interaction with candidates.
  11. Maintain relationships with the candidates by helping them to improve their resumes through resume writing services.
  12. Capable of arranging interviews across Pan India with trade test facilities.
  13. Provide interview reminders to keep the candidates updated about the time of the interview and making sure they attend the interview with relevant documents.
  14. Provide regular professional training to improve our employee’s productivity/ efficiency.
  15. Also, enable our clients for convincing the candidates easily.
  16. Use video reviews and Google reviews to promote our brand value.
  17. Offer top talents a budget-friendly expense within a time limit.
  18. Perform regular market analyses to find layoff activities and target industry specialist for easy recruitment.

ISO 9001:2015

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