I.S. International manpower consultants & service also offers concession in service cost for referrals. Clients can directly reference any of their candidates for our add-on services given below at a nominal price.



GAMCA MEDICAL (GCC Approved Medical Centres Association Medical)

I.S. International can generate the GAMCA slip to conduct medical check-ups for the direct candidates. We also make sure to deliver the candidates’ reports within a couple of days.




We look after employment visa stamping for direct candidates for countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Malaysia, Brunei, and other required countries.




We can provide emigration clearance services to the client’s direct candidates by submitting mandatory legal documents. This particular service we do not provide for individual candidates those who has not selected by our company or our clients.




I.S. International can provide air ticket services globally at a comparatively less price than booking online. A minimum 50% advance payment is mandatory to avail this service.




Education, Marriage and Birth certificate attestation can also be performed to the direct candidates in a relevant timeline from the authorities as follows,

  • HRD (Human Resource Department)
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Embassy



Background verification is important to understand and deal with our new employees in our day-to-day work life. I.S. International provides a comprehensive background check which includes an employee’s illegitimate record, education, service history, and other deeds that occurred in the past to confirm their legitimacy.




If Client required and requested a basic/specific training for the selected candidates we can provide a Tailor-made training programs by industry professionals for blue-collar staffs.  


Given the need to orient potential migrant workers with regards to language, culture, do’s and don’ts in the destination country, the emigration process and welfare measures, PDOT program has been launched by INDIAN Government. To attend the pdot training we book an appointment for the clients direct candidate.