Mr. Noor Mohamed
Managing Director

There is saying in Tamil called Magilwithu magil, it means “you be happy by making others happy” exactly the same I have decided to follow when I chose my career.

I.S. International manpower consultants & service nurture by helping our applicants to raise in their carrier through our recruitment services. This one is the uniqueness of our recruitment industries.

Most of my early days occupied in Mumbai, India for assisting the people who were searching for overseas jobs. I found the applicants struggling to find the proper recruitment agencies with transparent services. The agencies found snags because of the candidate’s swaying mind set to accept the jobs and end up with some disputes. When I officially started this organization on 2009 already realized to evade these obstacles by serving them evidently.

My lifetime vision is to create, a brand name that provides maximum number of jobs to the unemployed with no one left. I.S. International can always achieve our vision through our clients support by serving them for their recruitments needs and I can proudly say that clients are the reason for our Strength sustenance ever since.

The interviewees are the governesses to test our limit of endurance and every time they teach us new ideas. We are ready to serve them happily and always.